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All of CCIOA Doesn’t Apply to All HOAs

This is a very short post to bring something to your attention, that I don’t think I’ve mentioned often enough. Although the title may appear to be a play on words, it’s very true. The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act, generally speaking, applies to common interest communities/associations created after July 1, 1992. However, section 117 enumerates the parts of the statute that apply to all common interest communities regardless of date of origin. In my last post I mentioned section 209. If you go to the statute text section 117, you will see that 209.4, 209.5, 209.6, 209.7 were designated to apply to common interest communities created before July 1, 1992, and that happened after January 1, 2006. When you are looking at a rule or provision in the statute, be sure that it will apply to your Association.


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